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10. dubna 2008 v 14:18 | Shuichi-chan |  japanese music fanfictions
okej lidi... moj prvy pokus co sa chce tvarit ze in english:D akoze moja english je doooost ze slaba tak berte s rezervou:D ak najdete chybu, nevahajte a skopte ma pod ciernu zem a ja to opravim:D

summary: when game becomes serious
pairing: Aoi x Ruki
warnings: my english is fuckin poor, welcome to the singapoore:D
beta-read: aya
The bottle stopped and its throat pointed at Ruki. The short vocalist who was sitting on the red carpet was now looking at roadies and bandmates, who were sitting around the bottle on the floor, and trying to find some way to escape. Now he was cursing himself for agreeing to join the game. However, rules are rules, so he stood up and made a step forward. The black-haired guitarist did the same, so they were only inches apart. Ruki raised his head and looked into Aoi's eyes. He wanted to do the first move but Aoi suddenly put his hands on Ruki's shoulders and leaned down to kiss him. And, for Ruki's surprise, it wasn't just a friendly kiss, which would be expected in that game. It was deep, passionate one, which made him shiver and moan into the guitarist's warm mouth, when their tongues met. He raised his arms and wrapped them around Aoi's neck. Then he felt one of Aoi's hands on his butt, while the other one wrapped around his waist and pulled him closer to the guitarist. He had suddenly forgotten about everything and everybody.
The room was silent while everyone stared at the two men in front of them. Then Uruha stood up and whispered:
"Come on guys... leave them alone." He grinned and crept from the room. The others followed him and room was soon almost empty. Only pair of men was standing in the middle of room was there.
Aoi pulled back and gasped for air. He looked at Ruki, who was staring at him.
"Why?" the smaller one asked. Aoi looked away for a while. He thought about an answer. He knew WHAT to say, but didn't know HOW to say it. After a while he looked back at the vocalist and smiled sadly. When Ruki saw it, he didn't know why, but suddenly he felt guilty. Guilty for making his friend sad.
"Its not like I didn't like it, but... I... didn't expect it." He said. It was true, though he had just realized it. He really liked the kiss.
Aoi's smile changed slightly, but still it was a little sad. He made a step towards Ruki, and leaned down to whisper to vocalist's ear.
"I did it... because I wanted to. And I still want to. It's because I love you, Ruki."
Ruki could feel Aoi's warm breath on his ear, and it made him shiver. He stared at him with wide eyes, which made the guitarist feel a little afraid of answer.
"You what?!" asked Ruki and Aoi could not look at him anymore.
"I love you, Ruki." He replied quietly, and made a few steps back. He than turned away from Ruki and went to the window. He looked to the night Tokyo through the glass, in which he saw his own face full of sadness.
Ruki was looking at the guitarist and thinking about his words. He loved him? And did Ruki love him back? Of course, he liked him. And, to be honest, he was a beautiful man, and Ruki often thought about how it could be to be his lover. But was that love? He didn't know. But he knew he felt something more than just friendship to that man. And he decided to give a chance to their feelings. He went to Aoi and wrapped his hands around the guitarist's waist. Aoi turned to him and Ruki could see sadness, love, and also surprise in his face.
"I can't say that I love you." he said slowly, thinking about each word. "But I know, there's something more than friendship between us. And I want to give us chance."
Aoi stared at him in disbelief and then he smiled. And that smile wasn't sad anymore. It was pure happiness, what was in the man's face now. He slowly leaned down and kissed Ruki gently. He licked his lips, so the vocalist parted them and allowed Aoi to slip his tongue past them, into his mouth. They both moaned into the kiss. Ruki's hands made the way from Aoi's hips to his chest and up to his neck.
When he felt he hadn't enough air, Ruki slowly pulled back from Aoi. He felt the other one's forehead pressed against his own and smiled.
"I think... this chance will be used."

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1 aya aya | E-mail | 10. dubna 2008 v 15:05 | Reagovat

eeeer...ehm.. som kcela ze moje beta za moc nestoji ale predsa (_ _ ")

ako som sa vyjadrila ush pri opravovani... pri tomto tuinaa neni co moc skritizovat XD iba to tvoje AOI AOI AOI RUKI RUKI RUKI XD XD

ak by njegdo kcel thak nech mi napise mail a pripoji ficc a ja ho moshem skontrolovat a pripisat par nazorov a thak ^^

2 Shuichi-chan Shuichi-chan | 10. dubna 2008 v 16:31 | Reagovat

a ako som sa uz vyjadrila ja, pouzivam aoi aoi aoi ruki ruki ruki preto, pretoze v inych... ehem... oznaceniach este niesom velmi... doma:D

3 Polly Polly | Web | 11. dubna 2008 v 11:39 | Reagovat

do čipy...slovnik do ruky...a možno na to idem! xD

4 Shuichi-chan Shuichi-chan | 11. dubna 2008 v 20:58 | Reagovat

naco slovnik? ked som to JA napisala z hlavy tak to TY z hlavy precitas:D sak si citala placebo in english:D

5 Polly Polly | Web | 11. dubna 2008 v 23:59 | Reagovat

aaa.mas pravdu...zasa sa nakopnem, bo ja rozumiem, len ked velmi chcem xDDDD

ale precitam si to az zajtra, teraz mi je blbo z filmu, co som prave videla...

6 Shuichi-chan Shuichi-chan | 12. dubna 2008 v 13:58 | Reagovat

ha? akyy?

7 Polly Polly | Web | 12. dubna 2008 v 14:00 | Reagovat

ichi the killer  x(( ...skoro som sa pogrcala...

8 Shuichi-chan Shuichi-chan | 12. dubna 2008 v 17:47 | Reagovat

lol... planujem ze to pozrem uz dlhsie.. kamoska mi o tom vravela:D

9 Polly Polly | Web | 13. dubna 2008 v 11:26 | Reagovat

takze...ked som si to precitala nahlas, tak som to v pohode chopila xDDD

je to krasne a aj tak ta obdivujem, ze si to dokazala napisat xDD

10 Shuichi-chan Shuichi-chan | 13. dubna 2008 v 14:17 | Reagovat

lol:D vravim, mala som betaread cize to nieje len moja slava:D

11 niorai niorai | 14. dubna 2008 v 17:03 | Reagovat

whoo ruki je vymetaaaaaač... vo všetkých poviedkach je Ruki a niekto... maličký zlatučký uuchylný zakomplexovaný hypochondrický Rukinko, ja ho mám rada =) a ty zo Shimu robíš takého inteligentného človiečika aj keď by bol asi prvý s blbými poznámkami XD ale inčak krásne, hezké fakt...YOI DESU! ^.^ a normálne som tomu rozumela lepšie ako normálnym... teda trošku tam máš niekde podivnuu gramatiku, ale šak srať na to, dobre sa to číta... a hlavne to nemusím čítať párkrát dokola aby som si bola istá, že som prečítala a pochopila všetko ako má byť... would you mind to write in english again and again and again and so on? ev'rytime?

12 Shuichi-chan Shuichi-chan | 26. dubna 2008 v 21:39 | Reagovat

eh... ja viem ze Shima je slut:D ale tak... neviem prvy ma tam napadol on a uz sa mi to necelo menit:D

a inac.. co sa chibi rukiho tyka videla som ho uz aj ako poriadne bitchy seme:D

13 DIXIEOdom30 DIXIEOdom30 | E-mail | Web | 31. března 2012 v 19:36 | Reagovat

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